Fees & Info

Fees & Info


We meet you and your pet, become familiar with your house, review with you what you want your pet's visit / walk to entail, confirm dates, receive payment, pick up a key & complete the necessary paperwork.

45 minute setup ~~ free

DOG-WALKING ~ Walks & Play Dates

We offer semi-private walks, catering to your dog's individual needs. Socializing is great for your dog, so we also offer play-dates --- walking your dog with up to 4 dog friends whose company he enjoys. Also included, a text/email update after every walk.

25 minutes ~~ 1 dog $15

Fee of $3 added per additional dog

25 minutes, Private walk request ~~ 1 dog $20


Trips to the woods! Hiking available weekends and off-hours. Also included, an update (and lots of pictures) after every walk.

1 hour ~~ 1 dog $25

2 hour woods hike (weekends only) ~~ 1 dog $35

Fee of $5 added per additional dog


Each 45-minute visit includes:
Love & attention to each cat, fresh food & water, litter-scooping, administration of pet meds, bringing in the mail-newspaper-packages, rotating lights on and off, plant-watering --- in general, keeping your household running smoothly while you're away. We'll also email you a report about your pet.

per visit ~~ $20


We stay in your home from 7pm-9am. Includes all of the usual sitting services, plus 3 walks (for dogs): on arrival, before bedtime & prior to leaving. We recommend an additional walk be booked to ensure your dog has relief during the day.

per night ~~ $45


Day-sitting of at least 5 hours duration, generally 10am-6pm, weekends and occasional weekdays. Available to friendly, well-socialized dogs with no destructive habits. Singletons only.

per day ~~ $50

"DELUXE" DOG-SITTING --- Your dog is my dog

In the deluxe package, your animal is treated as one of the family: accompanying me to work at my office, joining other dogs on walks if appropriate, taken solo to parks for dog hikes, and pampered with petting and play throughout the day. At night, we'll return to your house for overnight pet-sitting. This package is designed for owners who want their dog to feel loved and secure around the clock. Deluxe dog-sitting is intended for a friendly, well-socialized dog with no destructive habits.

per 24 hours ~~ $90





Available, by appointment, 24 hours a day. Our regular hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 9:30am-6pm. Dog walks scheduled during off-hours or holidays incur an additional fee. Holidays observed are: New Years day, MLK day, Valentine's Day (after 3pm), Easter, Memorial day, 4th of July, Labor day, Halloween (after 3pm), Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve (after 3pm), Christmas day and New Years eve (after 3pm).

off-hour/holiday services ~~ + $10


We want to be flexible for your schedule. No charge for cancelled walks/visits unless it is done within 12 hours of a scheduled appointment. Fee will be added to the next invoice.

+ $10

WORKING OUTSIDE OUR ZONE --- near neighborhoods

We serve lower Roland Park (below Northern Parkway), Hampden, Medfield, Keswick & Hoes Heights. We will occasionally take jobs outside these neighborhoods in the nearby neighborhoods of: Guilford, Homeland, Mount Washington, Reservoir Hill, Remington, Woodberry or Charles Village.

+ $10 per service