About Us : We are Baltimore city dog walkers

 medfield dog walkers
  • Betsy McDonald
    (owner & dog-walker)

    Betsy has always had a strong empathy with & love for animals. After moving to Baltimore in 2013, she volunteered as a dog walker for the Maryland SPCA, finding this work so rewarding that she decided to work with animals full-time. (Check out MdSPCA's October Shop-a-paw-looza for a deal on Medfield Dog gift certificates!)

  • June McDonald

    June is a fifth-grader who enjoys drawing cartoons and playing minecraft. She is already highly-skilled in agility training & games of fetch and tag. She illustrated this website! June is courageously working to overcome a fear of dogs based on a childhood dog attack --- she loves playing with child-friendly animals.



I can already see that my dog
is doing much better on walks now.

Thank you so much!   -   Khairul

Thank YOU for being in our lives.
It’s good to know people like you still exist!   -   Jen

What can I say... I can't imagine a better
person to put in the care of my babies.

My dogs absolutely love their Aunt Betsy, and having her come in to visit each day has virtually eliminated a barking issue that I was having. I'm pretty sure that she is their second favorite person in world, and I couldn't be happier.
There is another thing that everyone should know about Betsy that makes her set herself apart from other services. She texts me the best dog pictures from their adventures, and I can't describe how nice that is.
The only thing that is a bummer is I can't figure out how she gets them to pose so perfectly for her   -   Bob

Betsy is with my babies now.
I felt compelled to comment because I'd be lost without her... I have a senior dog and a stress case phobic dog and both love her, but the best part is I know she loves on them and takes great care of them!!
Highly highly recommend!!   -   Michelle

I have two shy dogs and
one who suffers from major trauma.

Betsy was so patient and knowledgeable in dealing with my girls. I will be using her services from this point forward. I could not possibly ask for anyone
better suited for the task.   -   Karen

Thank you for taking such good care of
J when he is with you. You are a very dear member
of his human 'family'. We feel so lucky to
have found you.   -   Pam